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Zeem Information Technology


Zeem can provide your business with effective solutions to managing your server environment and day to day operations. Our fixed price service agreements may be just the thing your business needs to keep your IT expenditure inline.
Our Zeem technical consultants are available to meet all of your organisation’s ad-hoc support needs. Whether you require a technician for an hour or a week we have a technician available and ready to assist.
Whether you want to purchase a new domain or host a website Zeem can offer a range of different packages and pricing options to suit your business requirements.
We understand networking can be difficult at times so we are here to help you, our range of services can help bring both understanding and efficiency to your networking environment and help your business grow.

Purchase A Domain Name

Please search for your desired domain name below and we can let you know if it is available. Once you have found a suitable Domain, please proceed to register and pay for the domain name so that you don’t miss out!

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  • Register
  • Payment
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Renew Your Domain Name

If you have previously purchased your domain through Zeem you can renew your domain before it expires by filling out the required information below. If you have any issues please email and we will respond to your request promptly.

Transfer A domain name

Have you already got an existing domain name and want to move it across to be managed by Zeem? It’s simple, fill out the required information and provide payment for your domain and within 24-48 hours Zeem will help with the management of your domain name. If there are any issues or concerns about moving your domain name to us please contact

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